Sunday, December 30, 2007

Got snow??

Another 5.1 inches hit Madison Friday, edging us even closer to resetting the record for snowiest December, which was 35 inches set in 2000 -- only another 3 inches and we're there. With the possibility of more snow before end of the year, we just might do it. NOT that this is a record we want to best.

Friday night I went down to my sister's and spent the night with them. After dinner, we bundled up and went outside and took turns pulling my niece around on her new sled. She had a blast! In fact, we had a hard time getting her to come inside after, despite being cold and tired. She wanted to stay outside and sled! She'll get another chance in a few days as they were arranging a sledding party for the kids this week (The Bug and her cousins and a few friends).

Saturday afternoon was The Bug's birthday party, and she was really good, despite the long afternoon. While one older girl was reprimanded for putting another kid in a neck hold, and the birthday girl's best friend threw a wild tantrum, The Bug behaved beautifully, even when she started to get tired. Apparently, though, she's a bit like her Aunt as she can only take so much of people before she needs some space. At one point during the afternoon, she decided she'd had enough and went in search of a quiet retreat. Mommy found her sitting in the pantry, LOL. The other kids had taken over her bedroom, and there were too many people in other parts of the house, so...she slipped into the only unoccupied room in the house. A girl after my own heart, LOL!


Annalee Blysse said...

We haven't had that much snow yet, but they say the storm moving in toward the end of this week is shaping up to be filled with moisture. Happy New Year.

Heather said...

Happy New Year, Annalee!