Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crafty Q & A

The following questions were posted by April at her Life's Simple Pleasures blog, and I thought my answers would be worth sharing here as well.

1. What do you do mostly: scrap layouts, make cards, alter art, or something else? I keep scrapbooks, but mostly I make cards ~ lots and lots of cards!

2. How long have you been scrapping/stamping?
About 20 years for the scrapbooks, a few years less than that for stamping/card crafting.

3. What got you into the craft?
I started by putting together scrapbooks for senior year in HS ~ an exchange to Norway, spring break trip to Paris, and a general senior book ~ and eventually got into stamping as well. Now I do more stamping than scrapping.

4. How often do you get to "play"?
I try for a couple times a week ~ even half an hour a day is good!

5. Do you scrap/stamp at home only or do you also attend crops/gatherings?
Mostly at home, but friends and I sometimes meet to stamp together.

6. What is your favorite scrap/stamp company?
Stampin' Up, Hero Arts, Stampendous...

7. What colors do you tend to use most?
My personal preference is for anything in the green, blue or brown spectrum, but because I have so many friends who like purple I find myself using that a lot, too.

8. What tool would you recommend most to your scrapping/stamping friends?
A piercing tool ~ I am constantly reaching for mine for any number of reasons. I also love my Marvy scalloped punches, and was recently gifted with a Sizzix Sidekick.

9. Do you have your own scrap/stamp space?
Such as it is ~ I have a small corner of the living room. Emphasis on small. I'm runing out of storage space!

10. Where do you get most of your inspiration from?
Magazines such as Take Ten or PaperCrafts, SCS gallery, different craft blogs.

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