Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wind Chillin'

Another "balmy" weekend in Wisconsin. Midnight here and the current temp is -1F, with a windchill of -18F. Winds are gusting at 20mph and we are under a windchill advisory until 6am Sunday (which will likely be extended). It's supposed to drop down around -8 overnight before warming to a high of -1F. Definitely a good day for staying in with a book or a movie and cooking up a pot of chili!

We never did reach the projected "high" for today, the thermometer stalling at -3F. I did bundle up (as in three layers!) and trudge off to the grocery store early this afternoon. Did not want to venture out, but milk, juice and toilet paper are kind of necessary. It wasn't too bad with multiple layers, so long as you weren't out too long. The only part of me that was cold when I got in were my toes, even with more than one pair of socks. My feet have been happily ensconced in warm slippers since I got home. Tomorrow -- I'm not going anywhere!

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