Friday, January 18, 2008


OOPS... It seems I forgot to post this last Friday and just now saw it sitting in drafts. (Sorry Debbie!)


It seems I've been caught in the middle of the latest round of evil tagging, Debbie Mumford being the guilty party this time.

The rules are:
List seven things about yourself
Link to the person who tagged you (see above)
Tag seven other victims...uh, people

Seven things about me... Is there really anything people want to know? I always struggle with these kinds of things, darn it.

1. I'm a Pisces and I live up to the moody, emotional characteristics.

2. When I was two I pushed the Younger Sister down a flight of stairs. When asked why I answered, with complete honesty, "Because I don't like her." Whenever she gets on my nerves I tell her I should have pushed harder.

3. My maternal grandmother taught me how to do needlepoint when I was 8 or 9 years old, but it never stuck. I learned how to do counted cross-stitch when I was 13 and have been doing it ever since.

4. I would love to learn how to knit. I was gifted with one of those teach yourself how kits, but either I'm more of a visual learner or their instructions suck, 'cause I can't even get the hang of starting.

5. I have scent allergies that include perfume and strong floral scents. I can't even walk down the cleaning aisle at the store without sneezing and my throat closing up, and walking through department stores where the perfume section is right inside the entrance (such as Boston Store or JCP) -- forget about it! I was in abject misery at the RITAs during my last trip to RWA. Two thousand women, half of them wearing perfume depite RWA's notice on their website and in conference booklets that it is a SCENT FREE EVENT -- UGH! Even taking meds before going didn't help.

6. I have 15 nieces and nephews, and 7 greats. My oldest niece is almost 6 weeks older than Baby Sister (not to be confused with Younger Sister).

7. I don't drive. Never wanted to, and still don't. Living in a city with a pretty good bus route means I don't really need a gas-guzzling car and between gas, insurance and upkeep I couldn't really afford one either.

I honestly don't know who to tag, since just about everyone at RD has already been nabbed. So, if you're reading this and haven't yet done it this round...YOU'RE IT! *WEG*


Debbie Mumford said...

Nice list, Heather!

Thanks for playing along.

Melissa said...

I think I also learned how to cross stitch around 12 or 13! I've already done this one time, maybe I'll try to come up with 7 other things that I'm sure people would be dying to find out! hahaha

Heather said...

Thanks Debbie~ Sorry again I forgot to finish and psot it last weekend!

Hi Melissa, thanks for stopping by!