Saturday, February 02, 2008

Haven't we seen enough of this already?

After an early morning prediction by Jimmy the Groundhog of an early spring, Mother Nature laughed in his face and threw another 1.8 inches of snow at us. Like we haven't seen enough of it already this year! Our season total now stands at 60.1 inches, and there is a chance for more Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday. At this rate we could best the average February snowfall (8.6") in one week! UGH!

Today was Winter Fest on the Capitol Square and despite the falling snow I forced myself out of the house for a bit of fresh air and exercise. There were cross country ski and snowshoe races around the Square, a tubing and snowboard hill set up on MKL Blvd, Snow and ice sculptures, and kites on ice. It was nice to see a return of the kites, even if not on as grand a scale as the former event that saw hundreds flying above the ice. The last Kites on Ice was back in 2005 -- the 2006 event having been cancelled due to lack of funding and huge loss for teh previous year's event. I personally think the kiss of death was moving it from Monona Terrace to Memorial Union where there was NO parking. In any case, I did take pictures from today's festivities, but am much too tired to mess around with them tonight. Maybe later in the week...


Jana said...

We've been having rain here for the past two days but it HAS warmed up some...just enough to get humid. Blech!

Hope the snow up yonder melts away soon!

Heather said...

It's raining here today, which is good and bad. Good, in that it's melting some of the snow; bad in that it's going to make for a messy commute as temperatures drop later this afternoon/evening -- and then we're supposed to get socked with another big storm Tuesday going into Wednesday. Another 5-8 inches! Sheesh!