Friday, March 07, 2008

Frosted Trees

Frost creaks in the trees.
Sunlight, ice-bright, falls from the sky.
~The Marsh in Winter
by Timothy Walsh


Morgan St. John said...

I love when the trees are snow-covered! Beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog.

A side note: I almost picked up a LIsa Scottoline book this week. But I wimped out! lol Kay Hooper wrote cover reviews for the two Gerard book I just read... I might have to check them out now that I know they are two of your favorite authors. :D Have a great weekend.

Gwen Mitchell said...

Soo pretty. It makes me wish winter would hang on a bit longer... okay, that's passed now. Phew! lol

BTW - you've been tagged:


Heather said...

Thanks Morgan and Gwen!

Morgan~ Yes, you must check them out, particularly if you like thrillers.

Gwen~ You are evil. You do know that, right?

Annie said...

Glorious beauty lives there in those trees. Thanks for sharing this photo to one whose trees are bare of snow or ice.

Jana said...


We actually had SNOW here in MS this weekend! Okay, so it was a light dusting of the fluffy white stuff but man-oh-man did it cause some excitment around here. lol I got pictures I intend to post if I can remember to get my camera from my mom. I forgot it at her house yesterday. :-/

Heather said...

Thanks Annie! Sadly, our trees are looking rather barren right now as well. Thankfully, we did not get socked with another blizzard as did other parts of the Midwest. I would have cried for sure had we received even half of the 28 inches Madison, OH had over the weekend!

Jana~ I was wondering if you guys had any snow when I heard Dallas received 9 inches and there was a chance of some in Atlanta. 'Bout time someone other than us got hit! *Insert evil laugh here*