Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #50: What Heather Needs

You should all know how this one works by now: Go to Google, type in your name followed by almost any verb, copy the first thirteen that pop up and add your own commentary. According to Google, here's what Heather Needs…

1. Heather needs men…Now!
(That's right, more than one. One to cook, one to clean, one to shop...)
2. Heather needs Gatorade.
(Yuck, I don’t think so. Water, juice, lemonade – almost anything but Gatorade!)
3. Heather needs to keep doing what she is doing
(Like I asked anyone’s permission?)
4. Heather needs your help.
(Hey! Do not! I’m doing perfectly fine, thank you.)
5. Heather needs to assess if the financial needs are immediate.
(What sort of financial needs? Food? Rent? Internet? Those definitely sound like immediate financial needs.)
6. Heather needs to be alive for a couple of reasons…
(Only a couple??)
7. Heather needs to take it and run.
(Take what and run where?)
8. Heather needs to be congratulated for defending herself from unkindness and overly high expectations…
(You know it!)
9. Heather needs to head out to the beach…
(Despite my affinity for water, I've never been much of a beach bunny. However, sand dunes would be infinitely more appealing right now than never-ending snow drifts.)
10. Heather needs new jeans.
(Do not! The old ones fit just fine TYVM)
11. Heather needs a car
(Actually I don’t drive, but if the car happens to come with a hunky chauffer…)
12. Heather needs to find a place to be where no one knows her.
(Okay, I confess—I feel that way all the time…)
13. Heather needs a wheelchair
(Hey, I am not that accident prone. Really.)

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Tara S Nichols said...

Man this is an awesome blog!
Tara wants...
1. surgery to fix buckled nose (what the?)
2. more than fun
3. loving a soldier
4. hanky panky (um yeah)
5. me to be her wedding planner
6. Troy Amateur Radio Association

mmm, and it fizzles out from there to things that no longer makes sense at all. poo. except curfew panic for # 11.

Heather said...

Hehe...Tara wants a loving soldier for more than fun and some hanky panky, huh? Interesting...! *WEG*

Debbie Mumford said...

Oh! I've got to remember to try that one! Too funny...

pussreboots said...

Funny list. Happy TT.

Shelley Munro said...

I must do this one day. It always cracks me up. Great list!

Darla said...

Oh, this is fun! I never thought of using one of those for a TT--think I'll put it in my idea file. :)

My favorite "Darla needs": "Darla needs to catch the cow in the neighbouring field vs driving way the hell to MacDonalds"

Lia said...

I have tried mine but LIA is an sbreviation for some goverment project.And later all I could find was everyone else's Lia needs. Who knew there where that many Lia's out there.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Hmm... I could use some new jeans and to go to the beach, too. LOL!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Every time someone does this, it always has that they "need men" or "need help"
I think those two things are related, don't you?

Heather said...

Shelley ~ Yes, you must do one of these sometime!

Darla ~ ROFL...too funny! Let us know if you catch her. ;)

Lia ~ Ugh, that sucks that your name is some kind of abbreviation. I know there were certain words I tried in combination with my name that only found other Heathers' lists instead of funny lines. I also got a lot of Heather McCatney hits.

Jennifer S ~ See you at the beach, huh? LOL

Jen M ~ Definitely related, LOL!

Debbie and PussReboots ~ Thanks for visiting!

Paige Tyler said...

Too funny!


My TT is at

Kaige said...

Hehe. Very amusing. Happy TT, Heather!

It works better with my real name instead of my nickname. Otherwise I get lots of hits about Kaige Chen the director wanting his audience to like his movie. Ah well.

girlymom4 said...

That is fun! I think I will try this!! Thanks!

Rhonda Stapleton said...

HAHAHAHAHA that's awesome. I love your list. Though I think you're a little bit too needy. J/K...

Heather said...

Paige, Kaige and GirlyMom4 ~ Thank you all for visiting!

Rhonda ~ Needy? Moi? Gee, I wonder which Divas inspired this topic? Hehe...

Tempest Knight said...

LOL @ #1!!!

Gwen Mitchell said...

Ah! That's a great idea, but I'm almost Entertaining though - happy TT!

Brenda ND said...

This looks like a fun meme. Happy TT!

Gina Ardito said...

Heather needs...absolutely nothing! She's perfect as she is.

Kathleen Oxley said...

Wow, great list!! I've never heard of doing that, but I'll be keeping it in mind for future TT's. You keep telling that google how it is!

:) Kat

Heather said...

Tempest ~ Hehe...liked that one, didja?

Gwen ~ Chicken! J/k - it can be a little daunting, but some of the responses are hilarious. Try it!

Brenda ~ Glad I could inspire. Thanks for visiting!

Gina ~ Aw, shucks...thanks, hon! *BG*

Kat ~ I try to keep goole in line, but it's such a huge undertaking, LOL. Thanks for stopping by!