Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #64: Recent Reads

For lack of more exciting topics this week, here are some of my most recent reads.

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Shelley Munro said...

I think you've been on a Kay Hooper and Rebecca York kick. :)
I haven't read any of these - not one, although the Murder by Numbers looks interesting.

Adelle said...

Lois Lowry, I didn't know that book was out. Will have to check it out. Happy T13!

Ivette said...

Happ T13! I love the list and I'm sorry to say that I haven't read any of those. Hope to see you at my 6th edition about Laurell K. Hamilton at Talk About My Favorite Authors blog.

Nina Pierce said...

Happy T13! Can't say I'm familiar with Kay Hooper, but with such a recommendation, I'll have to have a look!

Jana said...

I just picked up a copy of Daddy's Girl at the thrift store last week. Haven't gotten around to reading it but I'm looking forward to it. :)

Paige Tyler said...

They look great!


My TT is at

Tempest Knight said...

Hehehe! Funny you bring Ms. York's book. Yesterday I was giving away one of them in my contest. *wg*

Alice Audrey said...

I get the feeling you like Kay Hooper and Rebecca York

Bethanne said...

Do Hooper's books have a main H/h with a HEA? I wanna pick one up but...I know what I like. And I like the romance to be prevalent but not overshadowing the RS. :D Just curious.

Heather said...

Shelley~ You think? LOL Murder by Numbers was pretty good - it's the second in Kaye Morgan's chic lit sudoku mysteries.

Adelle~ Yes, indeed. B&N has a table FULL of them! *WEG*

Ivette~ Thank you! Judging by some of the authors featured on your blog, I think you might like some of these ladies. Since you like LKH, you might like York and Hooper as well.

Nina~ Margie got a friend and I hooked on Hooper. The books mentioned here are actually the end of the Bishop series (more coming) - I highly recommend starting from the beginning.

Maggie Nash said...

And aren't you glad I introduced you to her?

She is amazing. I have to think you have actually read more of her books than I have now...LOL


Heather said...

Jana~ Yay, I did get you hooked on Scottoline! I hope you enjoy Daddy's Girl!

Paige~ Thank you, and thanks for visiting!

Tempest~ Yes, I saw that, but it was one I already have! GMTA, eh?

Alice~ Hehe...whatever gave you that idea? *g*

Janice said...

I'm an avid reader but I don't see any here that I remember.

Take care and keep reading and happy TT.


Heather said...

Bethanne~ Yes, Hoopers books do indeed have a H/h with a HEA - as well as a lot of creepy stuff in between. The Bishop series features a psychic unit of the FBI who handle "special" cases, usually with paranormal elements and/or serial killers (nothing creepier than a psychic SK!). I recommend reading the series from the beginning. I also loved her Quinn books. Now there's a hero to die for! *WG*

Margie~ Yes, we are glad you recommended Kay Hooper to us. Kim and I have now read all of the Bishop books to date, as well as a few others. We're always checking the used book store for ones we've missed, or picking up re-releases. The Bishop books especially have resulted in some...weird and interesting dreams. The one I had the other night (weeks after reading her thrillers) can best be described as Kay Hooper meets "The 4400."

Heather said...

Janice! You snuck in while I was replying to Bethanne and Maggie. I hope you found a couple here you might enjoy reading!

Annalee Blysse said...

I'm reading a suspense ... Nora Roberts Carolina Moon. I saw the show on TV but can't recall how it ends, so I'm enjoying it.

Heather said...

Hi Annalee! I read that one a few years ago, just before the movie first aired. The movie was okay, but I much prefered the book. Hope you enjoy it!

Darla said...

I've read the Lacey Alexander and the Rebecca Yorks--what did you think of them?