Saturday, August 02, 2008

Forget mice, we have...

So, I got home from work Friday, and before kicking off my shoes and relaxing, I decide I should take some stuff out to the recycling bins. As I walked down the hall, I saw something lying in front of the glass door at the far end of the hallway. What the heck...? It moved as it heard me drawing closer, and suddenly I saw what it was.

There was a chipmunk in our building!

Someone must have had the door propped open earlier in the day, and the miserable little rodent got too curious for his own good, becoming trapped in the building.

As I drew nearer to the door, it turned and darted up the stairs towards the second floor. O-kay... I propped the door open, and then re-entered the building through the front door, hurried upstairs, and tried to flush him back down the stairs, hoping he would go out the open door.

Yeah...not so much.

The furry little rodent rounded the corner and took off towards the other end of my floor, darting BACK up the stairs at that end as I followed him. So. I propped THAT door open as well, and tried again.

I tell you, that had to be the DUMBEST chipmunk ever.

Instead of following the scent of fresh air BACK outside, he just kept darting up the stairs to the second floor, or down them to the basement. After a couple attempts to save his miserable rodent life before people returned home and took their dogs out, I gave up. It was too dang hot (86F) to be playing tag with a stupid chipmunk. I have no idea if he ever made it out of the building alive, or whether he was caught or had a heart attack from all the excitement. I never heard anyone shrieking or dogs snarling last night, but that doesn't mean anything. I do hope he didn't become a chew toy, though. Stupid rodent...


Maggie Nash said...

Awww....chipmunks are so cute :-)

I hope he was okay.

Sounds like it's warming up there H. It's nice here today. 19 deg C and sunny...but the nights are still cold.

Can you believe it snowed here last week? It never snows in Sydney, but apparently last Sunday the cold fronts converged to make flurries


Heather said...

Yes, they're cute, but apparently not too bright. lol

It's been too warm here...mid to upper 80s for a couple weeks now, though we've yet to go over 90F yet this summer. How bizarre that you had snow in Sydney!

Jana said...

I'm ROFLOL for two reasons...

a) I can just PICTURE you chasing that poor chipmunk all over the place. Too funny. Hope he found his way out somehow.


b) 86F is too hot!

We thought yesterday was a "cold front" because the high only reached 91F with a heat index of around 95F. Today the predicted high is 97F with heat index of 105F.

Can I move to Wisconsin for the summer? I'll let you move to Mississippi in the winter. ;)

Heather said...

Jana~ Yeah, you would laugh at that (and for the record, I wasn't running, but walking slowly toward him trying to flush him out the door - not that it made a difference, LOL).

The fact that I consider anythign above 80 "too hot" should not surprise you by now either. LOL Maybe Edourdo will bring you a cold front! ;)

Jana said...

LOL, yeah, I know, Trix. It's much like you laughing at me for thinking 45F is cold. LOL

The image of you running is funnier so I'm keeping it.*weg*