Monday, August 11, 2008


Probably the one good thing about moving is the motivation to purge and get organized. I already had soem of these 3-drawer storage carts, but invested in a couple more in an effort to truly organize my stamps. The difficult part was sorting through the hundred plus stamp sets and breaking them up into various categories such as nature, flowers (2 drawers!), Christmas, vintage, animal, people... I could actually use one more of these to really do this right as a few spring/summer sets are stuffed in with the (currently) half-full fall drawer. Some of the sets were hard to place, and thus the top left drawer of "misc" sets.

I also bought some 3-inch deep 12x12 paper holders in an effort to sort all the cardstock I have stacked on my desk. Again, I could actually use another one of these, but will wait until after I move. Even better would be a real card-making frenzy that uses up a bunch of paper. At this time last year I was going crazy with Christmas cards (yes in July and August!), but although I have access to some materials, most of my stuff is packed away in several boxes--including the white cardstock. What was I thinking packing THAT away already?

I also sorted through all of my paper scraps and sent a bunch of materials to my friend Nina in Sweden. Despite the three quart baggies full of cardstock I sent to her, I still have an entire box full of scraps (which, of course, I cannot get to). I also sat down with a pile of about 40 old scrapbook magazines last weekend, tearing out pages of layouts and articles I wanted to save; those not decimated were sent to my youngest sister, who is trying to get into scrapbooking.

Books have also been targeted. I have a ton of books and not near enough shelf space. So, one of the tasks I set myself was to get rid of some as I packed. And yes, I did manage to amass an entire box of books to get rid of. What I do with them now remains to be seen. My first thought was Half Price Books, but lately they are getting away from older books--never mind that romance readers often go in search of a newly discovered author's backlist. So...we shall see. I've already sent three boxes to my baby sis, laden with books and duplicate movies. She may end up with more!

In any case, it does feel good to get rid of stuff and better organize in the process. Hopefully it is a trend that will last!


Nina said...

Very organized! And easy to find whatever stamp you need. Which reminds me I have to take a pic of the box I got for the inkpads you sent me. Thank you so much!!

Did I tell you that when I bought a big background stamp at craftstore (70% off!!) they reminded me that they had big black inkpads on sale too and I told the lady that you had sent me twelve large inkpads? Well, I did. She went frog green. :)

Now I'm off to see if I can make a cute card like the one you made.


Heather said...

Much easier to find a particular stamp! Very cool that you found sucha good deal over there on background stamps, and LOL at the frog green employee. Can't wait to see soem of your creations!