Friday, August 22, 2008

Things that Make me Cringe

From an actual email received this morning, from one boss who was out of the office today about another boss:

Tryed to reach Tony...have him call me.

Eek! There's a reason I try to proof anything written before that guy sends it out. *cringe cringe cringe*


Lynn Daniels said...


I think that's why SoundGuy says he proofs and re-proofs everything he send me -- if I got an e-mail like that from him, he'd never live it down. I guess since it's your boss, though, you'll have to let it go, won't you?

There's a dirt track forum I lurk in from time to time that's littered with stuff like that. I don't read that forum as much as I decipher and translate.

Jana said...

LMBO Oh, I've read emails like that before. Usually from my sister. Occasionally I'll tease her mercilessly about it. But only occasionally. hehehehe

Nina said...

Gaah! And here I cringed badly when I had one typo in short story (nine pages). :)

I hope they know and appreciate all you do for them.


Lynn Daniels said...

You've been TAGGED! Details on my blog:

Heather said...

Lynn~ Don't you love the sites/threads you have to decipher? It's enough to give one a headache. BTW, you are evil!

Jana~ Sisters are always fun to tease, no matter the reason. Hehe...

Nina~ Sadly, I don't think they have a clue, at least most days. Isn't that usually the way of it?

Lynn Daniels said...

*grin* Evil. Me. My kids would agree. ;)

I get a kick out of the stuff I have to decipher. When it doesn't give me a headache (it often does), I feel like a secret agent or a spy or something. The illusion of an exciting life! *snicker*