Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 83: Recently Read

Thirteen of the 30 books I've read since this post on August 28...

As you can see, I've pretty much caught up on the Kay Hoopers and MJDs, and am now knocking off some of the Noras I've missed. And FYI, despite the odd title of the "Guernsey" book, it was a most excellent read--I highly recommend it!

How about you -- read anything good lately?


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Shelley Munro * Ms Menozzi * Adelle Laudan
Dayle * Janice Seagraves * Pamela * Mel
Jennifer McKenzie * Paige Tyler * Alice Audrey
Jenna Bayley-Burke * Nina Pierce

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Alice Audrey said...

I thought you'd already read Amanda. I must be remembering wrong.

Shelley Munro said...

You've read some great books recently. ;-)

Ms Menozzi said...

You've certainly been busy!

As for what I'm reading? Well, I've been re-reading Stephen King's "Nightmares and Dreamscapes" (to inspire my short-story muse), and before that was Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" and "New Moon".

I'm writing more, so it seems to have been beneficial! :)

Happy TT!

Stephanie Adkins said...

Great selection! I love Nora Roberts! :) Happy Thursday!

Adelle said...

You've been busy. I'm in the middle of NaNo, so no reading going on right now. The last thing I read, Nora Roberts, Tribute. I promised myself if I get all of my unfinished projects tied up by the end of the year, I can splurge on books I've been wanting to read by fellow Divas.
Happy T13!

Paige Tyler said...

They sound good!


My TT is at

Heather said...

Alice~ Nope. But I did read a few others by her with women's names in the title: Haunting Rachel, CJ's Fate, and The Haunting of Josie.

Thanks Shelley!

Ms Menozzi~ Stephen King, shudder. Not an author I can read. His mind scares me. Loved the Twilight series, though, and looking forward to the movie. I hope they do the book justice.

Heather said...

Stephanie~ Thanks, I too love Nora, but after I glom a dozen or so feel a need to move on to someone else. It seems to help mixing hers up with a few more recent authors as I've been doing lately.

Adelle~ One of my goals this year was to read more than I did in 2007. So far I've far exceeded that, though November is off to a slow start--only the one book so far. Good luck with NaNo--I'm always far too busy in November to partake in it.

Paige~ They are, thanks!

Pamela Sweet said...

Thanks for the reminder! I've been wanting to read some of these. :) Nice list!

Janice said...

Let's see in the last year or so I've read all the Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake novels, and then read all the Jim Butcher novels on his wizard series--love him.

I just got MaryJanice Davidson three book thingy on unmarried and undead or something like that.

I tend to read anywhere from 25 to 50 books a year.

Yay books, they are my best friends.

Happy TT.

Heather said...

Pamela~ Always happy to enable. *g*

Jan~ I tried LKH and did not care for her, but loved MJD's Undead series. Funny, and they read fast!

Last year I read 34 books, which I realize is a LOT more than the average American these days, but still felt like a bit of a slacker. So far this year I am over 50 and may actually double 2007's total.

Eaton Bennett said...

I used to devour books before I started to write. Now I don't seem to be so interested...I think I am until I pick up a book, my interest wanes quickly. Your list of books is great and you have been busy. My favorite authors on your list are MJD and NR. I'm reading From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris, waiting for it to grip me. :)