Thursday, May 07, 2009

Thursday Thirteen 106: Billy Joel / Elton John

Tonight is the Billy Joel/Elton John concert here at the Kohl Center, two of my all-time favorite artists. I tried --really tried-- to do one list of thirteen favorites of the duo, but there are just too many faves by each to narrow it down. So, here are dual lists: thirteen of my favorite songs by each of them, in no particular order. As some of my favorites aren't necessarily their top ten hits, there may be a few unfamiliar titles mixed in with the well-known and yes, I know -- there are some hits left off the list (eg: songs from "The Lion King"). These are the ones that came most immediately to mind. Click on the links for videos.

Billy Joel

This is the Time (My HS class song--be glad YOU didn't have to listen to it sung in an operatic soprano. I only wish I was kidding. I swear she shattered glass and eardrums.)
My Life (The runner up for class song...hey, he was popular in the 80s!)
And So it Goes
A Matter of Trust
Only the Good Die Young
You May Be Right
Where's the Orchestra
The Longest Time
The Stranger
Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
Piano Man
Christie Lee (Wicked saxophone!)
Bonus: If I Only Had the Words

Elton John

Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word (From "Speechless")
Crocodile Rock (Cannot sit still when I hear this one!)
I'm Still Standing (The upbeat tempo always makes me smile.)
Written in the Stars (From "Aida," with LeAnn Rimes)
Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road (Duet version w/ Billy Joel)
Sad Songs (Say So Much)
I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny) (I can't believe I found a version performed here at the Kohl Center!)
Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding
Mama Can't Buy You Love

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Ms Menozzi said...

Sounds like a heck of a show! Have a great time! :)

Ella Drake said...

This takes me back. My dad didn't listen to much music, but he did play Billy Joel. Still has a special place in my heart.

Stephanie Adkins said...

Great songs. Another favorite of mine of Elton's is Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me. :) Happy Thursday! *Hugs*

Adelle Laudan said...

I am sooooo jealous. I'm sure they'll put on a stellar show. Have fun~ Happy T13!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Oh these are great. And it's hard for me to pick my favorite Billy Joel. I love him. I think my favorite has to be "The Downeaster Alexa".

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I have never thought of myself as an Elton John Fan but I love all those so I guess I truly am--Who knew

Journeywoman said...

I saw them in concert several years ago, both separate and together.

By the way you're missing my favorite songs

Billy :
Sometimes a Fantasy
All for Leyna
Falling of the Rain

I Need You To Turn To
The Greatest Discovery
Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters

Paige Tyler said...

Cool! Have fun!


My TT is at

Alice Audrey said...

I'm not a big Billy Joel fan, but I often catch myself humming tunes for Yellow Brick Road.

Operatic soprano? Yech! *wince*

jenn said...

And so it goes, and so it goes, and so will you soon, I suppose...

Yup, one of my favorites!

My all time favorite is Piano Man. I remember getting the cassette for Christmas when I was little, and listening to it on my tape recorder. Not a stereo, a tape recorder. Man, I feel so old

Heather said...

Ms Menozzi - Thanks, I'm sure I will have little voice tomorrow, but am sure to enjoy the evening.

Ella - Sounds like a great memory for you. Billy Joel was one of few artists I listened to that my dad (who prefered the big band sound of the 40s) actually liked.

Stephanie - Oh, yeah...That is another great one, solo or the duet with .

Adelle - Thank you...Sorry to make you jealous. ;)

Jennifer - "Downeaster Alexa" would definitely make a second "13 favorites" list! In fact, while I was putting this together I kept thinking of other songs I should have included, but...then it would have ended up being a top 25, LOL.

Heather said...

Marcia - LOL...I suspect there are a lot of people who don't think of themselves as a fan of certain performers, but who actually love their music without realizing it.

JourneyWoman - I have seen both in concert before, too - BJ solo at Alpine Valley, and then the two together. You listed a few "oldies but goodies" I also like.

Paige - Thanks, I will certainly try to have fun. *G*

Alice - Yes, operatic soprano. The worst was that I was seated in the front row, so trying to keep a straight face, all the while listening to the French exchange student next to me - and you have to imagine this in heavily accented English - "Oh, she is hurting my ears, when is she going to stop?"

The girl who performed it has since appeared on Broadway and in musicals with national touring companies. Talented, yes, but she should never have been allowed to butcher - er, sing - that song, esp. when there was someone else whose range and voice were better suited to it.

Jenn - "And So It Goes" is one of those songs I can listen to on auto-repeat for hours. I originally owned "Piano Man" on cassette, too. I even have (yes, still have!) one album, "The Nylon Curtain." I received it from a friend, and it was the first of Billy Joel's I ever owned. Who knows - it might actually be worth something some day. ;)

Inez Kelley said...

I love Goodbye yellow Brick road, danced with my father at my wedding to this.

Brenda ND said...

These two are together? Wow, I'd go. Happy TT!

Heather said...

Inez - A wonderful memory - for both him and you, I am sure. That's been a long-time fave, and when I saw them in concert eons ago, BJ sang this one, while EJ did one of BJs.

Brenda - Yup, two for the (high) price of one. When I saw them together many years ago, it was a 3+ hour show. Definitely a worthwhile experience!

Janet said...

I really liked early Elton John a lot! Have fun at the concert!

Anonymous said...

Nice lists. I always sang along with the radio to Piano Man & Sad Songs.
Happy Thursday!

Chloe Devlin said...

I so wanted to see them when they were in SoCal. I've seen both of them separately, but never together. Great list of both of their songs.

I'd have to add "Goodnight Saigon" and "Just the Way You Are" as more favorites.

Anonymous said...

I've always loved Tiny Dancer by Elton John. Great lists!

Sue said...

Cool list! I like both of them, but love more - Billy Joel! My fav. is Only the good die young. That was our unoffical song in college, since I went to a Catholic college. We listend to that every weekend.

That is cool how you linked them to the videos. Thanks for sharing. Happy TT!

Janice said...

Sing it Elton John. Yeah, he was big when I was in HS.

Happy TT.


Heather said...

Janet - I like some of his early stuff, but music from 80's/early 90's best.

Jamie - Thank you...I pretty much sing along with anything I know the words. *g*

Chloe - Here's hoping they will visit your area sometime soon! They did perform "Just the Way You Are" together at Thursday night's concert.

RJ - That's another good one, and almost made my list!

Sue - I also love Billy Joel more. I can sing along to all of his songs (and know a few by heart), but cannot say the same for Elton John.

Janice - Judging by the age range of the audience, both still seem to be pretty big.

Mel said...

Wow sounds like fun!