Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Queen's Meme No. 1

I was invited to participate in a new Tuesday meme. Not sure if I'm up to this today, but we'll give it a try. Feel free to play along on your own blog!

The Blog Outside The Box Meme
This meme is all about using your imagination. Free your inner blogginess. Step outside the proverbial blox (that's blog + box for all you non-blog speakers). Answer these ridiculous situational questions and post them on your own blog. Here's the situation for today. We won't tell a soul. And remember: Don't end up in the dungeon.

1. You are in court. You are in deep doo-doo. What did you do? ('Cause if you want, I might could talk to the judge and get your sentence reduced to Bloggingham dungeon time.)
Hmm...good question. I'm sure it's not for offing my rude neighbors. One, no one in the building would miss them and two, I'm pretty sure I could hide the bodies without getting caught.

2. Your blog just became a best-selling book . What is the title of your book ?
Title?? It has to have a title? Okay, there are two things I suck at: titles and characterization. Seriously. I can do dialogue. I can do description. I can BS my way through almost any topic, a finely-honed skill after years of college lit classes in which I rarely read the entire book assigned. Umm...what was the question again? Did I mention I am also well-versed in the art of digression? (WordTrix: The Art of Digression)

3. It is midnight. The phone rings. It is Michael Jackson calling from the Great Beyond. What would you like to ask him?
Dude, do you have any idea what time it is? Get an afterlife!

4. You are having your future told. The fortune teller looks in the crystal ball, screams and leaves the room in fright. What did they see?
Please tell me she can't see inside my mind. It can be a dark and scary place in there.

5. You're blogging along, minding your own blusiness (that's blog + oh...you know) when Google unexpectedly puts an Objectionable Content Warning on your blog. Your own mother is afraid to enter! What, pray tell, did you do to warrant it? How did this happen? Do you think you deserve it? Just how objectionable are you? Do tell.
Uh-oh...Someone saw that nasty post about Microsoft/Hotmail I posted earlier this year regarding their constant meddling with an email system that didn't need "fixing"? I'm sure that was the most swearing I've done in...well, months, at least, and we all know they deserved it.

6. You suddenly become God Of The Universe. What would your first Commandment be?
Thou shalt have chocolate for breakfast every day. And lunch. And dinner. Don't forget dessert.

7. And finally, what secret would you like to tell the Queen? Not to worry. What happens in Bloggingham, stays in Bloggingham.
Now if I told it wouldn't be a secret anymore, would it?


Bitter Sweet Moments said...

Great List!!

Jana said...

ROFLOL at #3. Priceless.

Heather said...

BSM - Thanks!

Jana - Why, thank you! *WEG*

Alice Audrey said...

I was also invited to do that meme, but simply can't handle it right now. I'm going to National, and have a manuscript due at the same time.

Mimi Lenox said...

Get an afterlife......bwaahaahaaa!
That's hilarious.

Thank you for playing my very first meme. You are free from the dungeon!

Heather said...

Alice - Sure, rub it in. *Sniffle* Everybody is going to DC except me! WHAAAAAA!

Mimi - Hehe... Thank you.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

"Get an afterlife"! LMAO! Great job. Thanks for the laughs...

jennifer said...

Get an afterlife!! That is brilliant!

Heather said...

Thanks, Bud and Jennifer!

Anonymous said...

#3 is hilarious!!!