Saturday, December 26, 2009


...didn't happen today, either. Once again the snow and icy roads prevented my sister, bil and niece from coming up for the day. They couldn't even get out of their driveway, the ice was so bad where they live. They're planning to try again next weekend, when the weather won't be so bad (or so the weather gurus claim).

With nothing else to do today, I braved a lightly falling snow and ventured out to JoAnn's for some fabric to back a couple of pillows cross-stitcheded over the holiday. Amazing how much you can get done while watching a few movies. Okay, more than a few. *Grin* Yes, there will eventually be pictures. I need to haul out the sewing machine and see if I can manage not to mangle them. I think the fabric I chose for backing is rather cute, if I do say so myself. I would have liked a paw print pattern, but what they had in that did not match the project. And then I found some cute Debbie Mumm calico prints. What do you think? It's a purple background with fish bones and different cat images.

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