Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone enjoyed a nice, safe, dry Christmas! To say ours was wet would be an understatement. Starting Wednesday afternoon it went from snow to rain to sleet to rain and back to snow again this afternoon. In a word...yuck! Listening to the wind fling sleet against my windows all last night sent chills down my spine and made for uneasy sleep--the storm kept waking me every couple hours. Good thing I was able to sleep in this morning or I would have been seriously grumpy. Not that I had to worry about infecting anyone else with a sour mood. Due to the weather and potentially dangerous roads, our family gathering originally scheduled for this afternoon was postponed to Saturday. Today was a quiet day spent alone, watching holiday movies and working on a couple of stitched Christmas presents (these are not late, as I do not need them until NYE). So, weekend plans now entail a double dose of family--family holiday gathering one day and a five year old's birthday party Sunday. I am going to be whipped come Sunday evening! Oy, give me strength!

Here's an idea of what we're looking at for snow right now--note, we can add at least another inch to "total to date" overnight, plus another 2-3 Saturday:

Total to Date this season... 24.6 inches
Normal to this date... 14.7 (just a little bit above that)
Total by This Time Last year... 40.4 (whew! At least we're below that!)

I hope you have a good weekend, no matter what you have planned!


Alice Audrey said...

Yep, you're getting the weather I had a few days ago.

Heather said...

Hey, Alice? Do me a favor and just send a card next year. :-P~~