Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Want My Space Back!

I don't mean to sound unsisterly or uncharitable, but I am ready for someone to go back to Ohio where she belongs. Seriously. As if life hasn't been disrupted enough this month, I've had a houseguest the past two weeks. So much for routine. Simple rules of etiquette seem not to apply to her, either. When staying at someone's house 1) your host is not your maid and 2) it doesn't matter whether you are staying with a relative, friend or stranger, you do not invite guests over when you yourself are a guest. You just don't. Good thing she goes home on Sunday!


Kaye said...

My aunt used to say after 3 days guests and fish both start to stink. Even when my kids come to visit, I'm not heartbroken when they go home. I don't want to cater to people's whims and dietary likes and dislikes nor am I anxious to give up every thing I like to do. Call me crabby, but I can relate to your feeling. Just think it will be Sunday before you know it! Peace.

Heather said...

Kaye, I've had that Ben Franklin line running through my head more than a week, LOL. Sooo much truth in it! And can you believe a friend of mine had never heard that before? And we had to read his autobiography in HS! *Shakes head*

Jana said...

Awe, honey, you know I know how you feel. And you also know I know that sisters really ARE the worst houseguests. lol

Hang in there, hon. Maybe she'll be going home next week!


Heather said...

Jana, I knew if anyone would feel my pain it would be you. Thankfully, she is supposed to be going home Sunday.