Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mine Field

Remember the water main breaks we had over Thanksgiving and Christmas? The problem with having to dig up frozen ground is that you can't properly refill the hole once repairs are made. Once the weather goes into the thawing and refreezing cycle, as happened with last week's above normal daytime temps followed by freezing temps at night, the ground starts to cave in on itself. My street, it be a mess—a veritable mine field. There are several craters that grow bigger every day—not potholes, craters—near the entrance onto my street big enough to swallow small cars.

This is one of the craters, where the Thanksgiving break was, filled with an icy slush. We had a winter storm Sunday that dumped a mixture of freezing rain, sleet and snow on us. Snow on top of ice is not good. Or fun. This hole is deeper than it looks, but not near as bad as the site of the break over Christmas. This is the one closest to my building.

This is one of the craters where the second and larger break was (the one over Christmas). Look how much bigger and deeper this hole is compared to the ruts behind it.

Another view of the demolition field. This another one of the craters. And that white stuff in the left hand side of the picture? That is mostly ice, and is at least two inches thick.

This hole is probably deep enough to bathe in—if you don't mind a freezing cold dip in a dirt and sludge filled pool.


Jana said...

Yikes! Be careful not to fall in, Trix! I wouldn't wanna hafta come fish you out. ;-)

Seriously, though, that big one needs some caution tape or orange cones or something to keep anyone from having any incidents. *shudders*

Heather said...

Yeah, it's really bad. And trying to walk around it isn't any easier than driving over it. Next thaw, that crater will span the entire street. If they were smart, they would have filled it in with some dirt during the warm weather (45-50F temps) last week.