Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Weathering the...weather

Hey All,

It's just going on 11pm here, and I am trying not to listen to the keening of the wind as a blizzard moves through our area. We already had six inches of snow Monday night into Tuesday morning from round one. Now round two is bearing down on us, bringing another 8-12 for the area overnight, and possibly even some thundersnow (for those of you who have never experienced it, it's a freaky cool phenomenon, but you get 3x the snow when it's thundering).

I thought it was blowing pretty good around 7pm, but when I looked out a short while ago... *shudder* It still makes me shiver, the way the snow and trees were whipping about, with white out conditions. There were times you can barely make out the building across the way. Makes you glad it hit during the night, and not during the day, when you can hunker down inside and not even think about going out. Unless, of course, you have a dog with a really small bladder. *WEG*

Tired, but can't seem to sleep with the storm raging outside, no matter how warm and snug it is in here. I hope everyone else is staying safe this week and keeping indoors until the worst of it passes through. I'm sure a lot of kids (of all ages!) will be happy to enjoy a snow/ice day Wednesday -- or Thursday or Friday, depending on when it moves through your area. If you do go out to play in it, make sure you dress in layers, and don't forget to take pictures of those snow sculptures, or of the kids skating or sledding. You'll be glad you did some day!

Oh, and the pic up above? I took that out my front window just for all of you. Especially you, Jana! Yes, I opened the window, shoved the screen aside, and risked frost bite just for you. The weird lighting was caused by a swirling gust of wind that whipped up the blowing snow just as I snapped the picture.

Suppose I really should try to get some sleep now, provided I can shut out the sound of the wind. *Shudder*


Alice Audrey said...

Hey, at least you don't have to shovel it.

I can't remember a thundersnow. Now I almost wish I could come visit now to hear it. Almost.

Jana said...

I had to put on my snow boots, gloves, heavy coat and scarves just to look at that picture, Trix. Thanks for risking hypothermia for little ol' me. *snort*

I will stop complaining about how COLD it is here...that is, until I step outside and the icy wind slices me to shreds. ;-)

Stay safe and warm!

Heather said...

Alice: True. That is one of the (few) benefits of living in an apartment.

I never did hear thunder last night, but we still got plenty of snow. More than plenty.

Jana: Hehe... I knew you would appreciate that. Temp tpday is supposed to be around 14, but with windchills we are in the negative digits today. Actual temp tonight is supposed to be -10!