Thursday, December 18, 2014

Skywatch Friday 86

Up on the roof top turkey pause
Not a sign of Santa Claus . . .

Due to the proximity of several nature preserves, it is not unusual to see wild turkeys roaming my neighborhood, usually in groups of three to ten. Last Friday I saw the largest flock of turkeys I have ever seen, between forty to fifty birds. They literally stopped traffic to cross the street, and brought people out to gawk at them. Here are a few of the many photos taken that afternoon.

(See Wednesday's post for more.)

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Jana said...

I have never seen turkeys on a roof before. How odd. lol

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Funny to see so many... you sure these aren't your pet turkeys!!

Karen Hayward-King said...

We see wild turkeys around here as well. They are protected, so you are not allowed to hunt them. Nice photos..

Heather said...

Jana: A friend's neighbor once told her he'd seen them roosting on her roof, but she neither saw nor heard them. Which made this all the cooler and funnier.

Spare Parts: Ha! quite sure. ,-D

Karen: Thanks! Wisconsin does have a designated turkey season, but you are not allowed to hunt/trap them within city limits. If the population gets too big, the DNR will sometimes trap and relocate some of them.