Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wordless Wednesday 193: Wild Turkeys

I encountered this hen and her "teens" out for
a stroll along a local bike path


Wordless Wednesday


Lea said...

It's an invasion!
Have a great day!

PlantPostings said...

Those silly turkeys! We saw one recently strut up to our pedestal birdbath, lean over, and take a quick sip. It was just the right height! I'd never seen that before! They sure are entertaining. Great shots!

colleen said...

I see them frequently here on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Once a flock flew across my yard like a bunch of prehistoric pterodactyls.

Heather said...

Lea: This is nothing. I saw about 50 of them on a residential street in my neighborhood just before Christmas last year. They were everywhere -- in yard, on roof tops -- and boy were they making quite a racket.

Beth: Now that would have been cool to see. I love coming across them while walking, but this was the first I'd seen them on (or just off) the bike paths. We see a lot of them in my neighborhood, not to mention the Arboretum. Speaking of -- Ch 3 used one of my turkey pics (not one shared here) and a photo of colorful Arboretum trees in their "fall color" segment at noon on Monday. The Arb trees are posted in their "fall color" gallery, but I did not see the turkey there. :)

Colleen: I would expect you to see a lot of them, living in the country. I probably see as many or more than you and I'm in the city. Even these pics are of a city bike path. ☺

Joann @EuchreFun said...

We actually just saw some wild turkeys on our drive to the upper part of Michigan last week!!

Heather said...

Joann: I hope you enjoyed your sighting, and had a good drive!

NC Sue said...

Tom looks rather proud of his harem! He'd best watch out though - Thanksgiving is coming!
Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/10/a-visit-to-madame-tussauds.html

Heather said...

Hi Sue -- That's actually a hen with her almost full-grown brood. She was definitely proud and protective.