Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just One More and Weekend Recap

Couldn't resist posting one last sample of the "Fashion Friend-zy" cards made last week. I love how this batch turned out, and especially like the fall colors in this one. Paper is all from DCWV, stamp from Stampendous.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Here, it was HOT but otherwise so-so. Saturday morning I ran errands--bank, hair cut, store--and promptly collapsed in front of the second half of the Badger football game as soon as I got home. Did not see the very end of it, though, as I switched over to TCM for part of their Katherine Hepburn movie marathon: Bringing Up Baby (one of my favorites!), A Philadelphia Story, and Pat & Mike (one I hadn't seen before). After dinner, Kim and I made an Archiver's run, then went to Dark Knight. The movie is...okay. It's good, but definitely not among the best I've seen. Very dark with lots of angst and violence. I was also surprised by one of the characters killed near the end. Still, glad we saw it on the big screen instead of waiting for it to come to DVD or TV.

Sunday my sister, BIL and niece came up and we went up to the Taste of Madison. Despite the heat, the Cap Square was packed with people, and The Bug's picture was taken for a local newspaper. We made the mistake of stopping at Bernie's Beach on the way home so Payton could cool off in the lake. I say mistake as the beach is peppered with little burrs. Poor little bug got a bunch of them in her feet. I can't believe they would not eradicate something like this at a public beach. Not only is getting those in small feet a traumatic experience, they can lead to infection if you don't get all of the prickers out. Next time we'll hit Vilas instead, crowded or not.

Unfortunately, I did not have a good Sunday night. To be honest, I hadn't felt all that great before hitting The Taste (good part of which meant less pigging out, though I really wanted cheesecake), and I think that plus the heat resulted in the horrendous stomach ache that kept me up most the night. (And seriously--I did not eat much at all that day.) I only managed to doze off and on until around 2am, when I finally fell asleep until 5. Then I was awake until about 7 before managing to fall asleep again until 10am, when I was rudely awakened by my sister. I was sooo glad I didn't have work yesterday! I felt better, but still not 100%. Therefore, I did very little over the weekend, other than read and watch TV.

How was your weekend? Do anything special?


Nina said...

I really love those cards. I have been searching for inspiration to make a fall card with those oak leaves you sent me. Now I know what to do with them. Very pretty.

So.. what do you look like now? If you had a haircut?


Heather said...

Hey Nina~ No drastic changes in hair style, just had it trimmed an inch or so. Could have gone a little bit shorter, esp. as hot as it has been the past week, but oh well. At least I can still put it up so it's off my neck.

Glad you like these cards, and that they've inspired you!

Jana said...

Aha! See, that's what you get for taunting me with all that cheescake! hehehe

Sorry you felt bad, though. :(

Heather said...

Yeah, you would mock an upset stomach. :-P~~

S'okay. I had apple pie the last two nights. *g*