Saturday, November 21, 2009

Leaf Pile

It was another pleasantly mild autumn day here, with sunshine and a temp in the low 50s. I would ahve loved to get out for a walk, but spent most of the day waiting for my sister who never showed and didn't bother calling to let me know she wouldn't be coming as planned. Typical.

Instead of getting out and doing what we had planned, I spent the afternoon flipping between football games while finishing a cross-stitched Christmas present. Amazing how much stitching you can get done over six hours of football! I started this project last week, and just need to wash, press and do a bit of finishing work. Then it's on to a pair of projects for another friend. Should take about a week to do both of those, not including actual machine sewing. I might need to get someone to help finish those as I am nowhere near as handy with a sewing machine as some friends.

Sunday will be another crafting day, but dedicated to cards rather than stitching. Couple projects there I need to finish up this week so I can concentrate on finishing my Christmas cards. I have all the pieces cut and/or stamped, just need to piece them together. *sigh* Hmm...maybe I'll get a walk in tomorrow if it's as nice as today. Maybe.


Alice Audrey said...

I know you can't show us the stitching projects now, but be sure to take pictures. I'd love to see them after Christmas.

Angela said...

I hope you can make it outside at least for a little bit today - it's gorgeous out!

Heather said...

Alice - But of course! Already scanned the current WIP before I finished it off. Will do the same when done. ;)

Angela - Well, As it turned out, I got so involved in what I was working on this afternoon I completely lost track of time until it was too late to take a walk before dark. I did have the window open for much of the afternoon and stepped outside for a little bit after dinner. Doesn't look like this unseasonal weather will last for long - I saw they have snow showers in Thursday's forecast.

Alice Audrey said...

All right! Looking forward to it.